How To Improve Indoor Air Quality In Winter 2020

Clouds Dawn Vietnam Fanciful
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How To Improve Indoor Air Quality In Winter

Indoor air quality is very important for our health. Most of the time indoor air is polluted due to our skin dust and dust realised by our pet. In winter session it increases too much. Because our blanket also releases some dust. And our skin also gets to much dry. Due to that it also releases a large amount of skin dust particles.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how we reduce dust. And how we increase the air quality of our room.

Clouds Dawn Vietnam Fanciful
Quangpraha / Pixabay

Uses Of Moisturizer

Well we know, if we control upon skin dry then there is very high probability to control on our skin dust. It is very effective. Dust released from our skin is 60-70 % of total dust in our living room. So it better to use a moisturizer to prevent from dry skin. Well in the market there are lots of brands which provide good moisturizer. If you want a cheaper solution then I will suggest Milk cream is the best natural Moisturizer.

Make Your Pet Protected

Pets are very important for our lifestyle. We all love them. But make it sure to clean your pet daily. Dogs and Cats release lots of dust. So it’s our duty to make them gentle and clean. Try to use pet cleaner machine to make them clean.

Pets have too much hair and dust. if we do not clean then daily then it may increase indoor dust. Which may decrease the air quality of our home.

Plants For Clean Air & Fresh Air

The plant is very good for a living room. They may increase natural beauties. As well as they increase fresh oxygenated air. Plants are very important to make living room clean and beautiful. There are few indoor plants like tulsi and money plants. Which are very important for increase air quality of the room.

Air Purifier For Living Room

The air purifier is the best way to manage the air quality of the room. If you are a little bit lazy and don’t want to use paints in living room. Then it’s the best way to make your room clean and beautiful. It easily filters tons of clouds of dust in a day. As well it also provides fresh oxygenated air.

It’s the best way to protect your home and make them clean and beautiful. But it is little expansive compared to plants and another method.


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