Important of Birds in Our Ecosystem

Seagull Bird Sea Flight Nature
mmoossttaaffaa / Pixabay

Birds are The Species Which are Very Important for Our Ecosystem

Birds are very helpful for maintaining our ecosystem and balancing the whole ecosystem. Have you noticed that in the morning? Birds take the nectar of flowers which cause flower rise and glow. Birds also help to take seeds from their mouth and by chance the seeds. From their mouths laid down to the ground and baby plant grow from that seeds. That means birds are also the mediator.

Seagull Bird Sea Flight Nature
mmoossttaaffaa / Pixabay

In our ancient literature many of the poet, narrators written in their books. That the fruit from the trees ripe with the voice of birds some birds like a cuckoo. The cuckoo’s voice becomes so sweet when their voice came to the fruit then fruits become very sweet.

The bird looks great in the free sky

Birds are known as for their colours, natures, their voice and their freedom. Our heart enjoys from their nature and their behaviour. But why we become so narrow-minded. We start to keep them in a cage and hope that their beauty will be capable in the cage. But it isn’t possible birds beauty hide inside the cage not only hide they start to lose their life.

Birds natures are rapid action like they move from here and there too fast. When we start to rule them they are not made for a ruling. They known for stolen grain from the fields, drink water from the flowing river, make peoples awake by her sweet and innocent voice. But when we keep them in a cage their freedom, happiness all those things go away from them. That’s the reason their beauty ends and their lifespan also become shorter than the normal one.

Let them free from the cage

Four years ago I would like to keep a pet in my house. I choose to keep parrot in a cage at the front of the door. I buy that and keep care of them that time birds were too small. But when she started to grow up she always tries to fly but due to cage, she wouldn’t be able to get fly. After the long period of the ruling, I feel very low in myself. Then realise that she is not well in the cage. Next morning very fewer sunlight rays on the sky and before that morning I think whole night that why I do this why I keep her in a cage. So, that morning I lift the cage up and a bird flies high and she stopped at the branch of the tree. After 2 hours they again start to fly.


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