Natural Beauty of River

Mountains Clouds Sky Panorama Snow
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Natural Beauty of River

The river is the water body that connects through the ocean. But some cases river does not connect from any of the sea or the oceans. Generally, rivers connect from the sea or the oceans. They survive long and depends on the other water body. But that river which does not directly or partially connect from the sea, oceans or the other rivers.

Natural Beauty of River Mountains Clouds Sky Panorama Snow
Alexgan / Pixabay

They actually dried in summer. But after the precipitation, they again fill due to water comes. By which water surface comes up. One other term is tributary that means the helping river. Like example, son river is the tributaries of the Ganga river.

Importance of Natural Beauty of Rivers In Our Life

We should know that our ancestors choose places for life. where the sources of deep water are sufficient. They start to live at the bank of the river where they got all the resources. They start farming where sufficient irrigation systems present. Their all water demand fulfil there like for drinking water to wash their clothes, home etc. They can fulfil their own needs by water then the water becomes one of the biggest natural resources. Like this many cities start to form along with the river and all people wants to fulfil their requirements. But at that time we care about our river and keep the river clean. As in many traditions, people assume that the river is like a mother. Because the river gives us water, by which we make ourselves better day by day.

Our responsibility is to save the river from pollution

Today’s generations have not accurate ideas that what can happen without water. How we struggle for water how we keep water safely. We should understand the value of the water how we depend on water. Without water, life isn’t possible that’s the reason that science is in search of water at other planets. Because at any planets life isn’t possible without water. Today we can see that our river going pollute as results many rivers reached a situation where the river starts to dry up. This is one of the most significant problems.

We should take steps to clean our river and take the initiative that we would not pollute our river as much. We should respect and give their importance. Today needs is that again we should respect our river as a mother. Which makes river less pollute as results we again feel. We should understand that the river has all the nature by which making us survival.


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