Role of Forest In Our Life

Tree Valley Forest Nature Sunray
w3ichen / Pixabay

What is The Role of Forest In Our Life

Forest is essential for our life. As we know that forest regulates our ecosystem. A lot of plant and animal species found in the forest. The beauty of flora and fauna become magnificent in the forest. It maintains the natural beauty where various types of fruits, vegetables, seeds, medicine etc are found from the forest.

Tree Valley Forest Nature Sunray
w3ichen / Pixabay

Where you will hear the various types of birds sound and the animal sound by which you feel more energized. Forest protects from the flood and drought and maintains the ecosystem. Surveys say that most of the pure oxygen in the world comes from the forest. As we know our life is totally based on nature. Where forest, river, sunlight, weather and climate. These all things affects our life and able us to survive in this world.

Things you should never do in the forest

There are lots of ferocious animals also present in the forest. You have to protect yourself from those. Beware from the Felidae family and some of the giant animals. Because they can harm you. So, go there with your full safety and precautions. In any national park in India like Gir national park at Gujarat. Where you will find the Asiatic lion. You should visit that place by a safety vehicle by which no lion can harm you even after attacks. So, keep safety by the forest department or the security of the particular region. Never try to hit any animals from your vehicle or in any situation.

Plant Species At Forest

A lot of plants and various type of plants are found in a forest where we get fruits, vegetables, seeds, medicine, dry leaf, bark etc. In an ancient time where food process was based on hunting and gathering. Early man uses the whole resources of trees and plants. Like they wear bark of the plants by which they cover their body and they can warmth their body. Dry leaf they can use that by the flaming the dry leaves for the burning their meat for the food. Like fruits and vegetables, they eat directly from the trees. They also start to work on medicine which they get from the plants. How a plant can heal the human’s life that can be learned from our ancestors. That time inventions and discovery was normal means all persons was curious about all those things.


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