Social Add World

Social Add World
BTGRAJ / Pixabay

Social Add World

Well, we all know earning is very important. Social add world is a company which help you to earn money by seeing ads. This compony mostly give you a reward by seeing google ad.

Social Add World
BTGRAJ / Pixabay

Actually it is a not legal method. So this Social add world gets a bang from India. Due to that its business model get flop and its website also get shut down.

It also starts an MLM program so lots of people join in it. And wast their money. I will personally recommend you don’t join this type of program which don’t haveing any basic.

Most of the time Social Add World type company have forging fake origin. For attracting a person. Due to that most of the people have an attraction toward it it shows you a fake background to take money from you.

Well if you want to earn good money from the internet. Then do some good quality work. Like writing content, making a video for youtube, During lots of productive work which help you to generate higher income.

Most people review on social Add World website is very bad

  • I would like to tell that I joined this site through my friend. He told me to join this and watch ads .we can earn through this but this is claims money but we can’t withdraw it. it’s a fake site I wasted my precious time in this site, so I Don’t recommend this website to you
  • I joined this company with faith in mind that I could earn some extra income from this home-based work. But during this 5 to 6 month of a journey, I faced a huge problem to operate this application. And still, I did not earn a single paisa after my full contribution of work. I made 350 members under my down level but it is all worthless.It is a MLM company. Network marketing.

    20 ads view job daily.

    1st 25 dollars can transfer to B2R app.

    2nd 50 dollars can transfer to a bank account.

    But I didn’t get 25 dollars to my B2R wallet even after transfer 25 dollar. Now the company announced 2-month payment will behold.

Well, this company is not trustful that’s why it is no more.

Conclusion For Social Add World

Well, this website is fraud and I will personally suggest you don’t join this type of company. Most of the time it wast your important time on non-productive work. It’s better to do work for adsence and youtube they are very good on the internet.


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